Liquid Nation is the first company to propose a line of ‘Ready To Drink’ sparkling (Brut) and still (Merlot, Chardonnay) wines in a single serving solution

Practical and easy to use

A single serving solution, hygienic, easy to transport, sealable space saving glass.

Unique and patented technology

Innovative closure with INTERNAL THREADED screw cap and space saving EXTENDABLE STEM.

Respect for Nature

Glass made from PETG, bisphenol free, 100% recyclable, entirely Made in Italy.

Patented technology

Innovative closure with internal threaded screw cap ``ClickandTwist``

Eliminates the internal pressure within the glass before opening, making it easier and safer to unscrew the lid.

Any liquid or froth derived from the internal pressure in the glass remains inside the chambers of the lid and prevents spraying on objects or clothes.

Space saving extendable stem


Preserves taste and aroma
Dishwasher friendly
Completely portable
Light and space saving
Reduces service times
Reduces packaging and waste by half
More control (the volume of 187 ml is accurate to each glass)

Potential and possible uses

Picnics, barbecues, swimming pools, concerts, discos, shows, stadiums and other outdoor events where glassware is not allowed for safety reasons and where high volumes of customers need to be served quickly, leading to substantial sales increases.

In airlines, trains, cruise ships, where size, weight and safety issues are crucial. It is against the law to sell or administer alcohol to under 18’s.

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