Spritz o’Clock?

The new REUSABLE RTDs (Ready to Drink) in innovative and practical glasses from Liquid Nation

The ideal product for those who desire a perfect sparkling spritz, ready to drink any time, anywhere.

A quick and easy solution that allows you to enjoy your cocktail while maintaining the taste and aroma over time.

Unique and Innovative

The only single-dose glass on the global market designed and patented to maintain unaltered carbonated drinks.

Always ready

Your favorite aperitif, ready to drink wherever and whenever you want. Serve Ice Cold!!!

100% Made in Italy

Conceived, studied and produced ENTIRELY in Italy.


Spritz o’Clock is the environmentally friendly glass. Lightweight, washable and REUSABLE, it is produced with ECO-FRIENDLY plastics with very low CO2 emissions.

Ready to drink

Spritz o'Clock is ideal for...


Suitable for any type of event, such as picnics, barbecues, swimming pools, concerts, discos, shows, stadiums and other outdoor events, where glass and aluminium cans are not permitted for safety reasons and where short service times are paramount for large crowds.


Planes, trains, cruise ships have particular needs, especially where it comes to food and drink. Unbreakable, light weight and easy to store make Spritz o’Clock the ideal choice, eliminating double packaging and reducing waste.

Takeaway and delivery

Ready to drink. Ideal for selling your sparkling aperitifs in a pre-packaged and ready-to-drink form, in complete compliance with food hygiene measures.

Hotel Mini Bar

Attention to small details shows your customers that you care about their wellbeing. Finally, hotel guests can enjoy a sparkling spritz from their minibar 24 hours a day. An added comfort that will make a difference to their stay.

Our mission...

Spritz o'Clock is the solution that was missing from the RTD market.

We are a young and innovative company, made up of passionate, motivated people with a common vision: to create a revolutionary product for the RTD (Ready to Drink) sector, offering quality sparkling drinks while safeguarding OUR PLANET.

Our patented ClickandTwist closure system is the ONLY technology in the world that allows an RTD glass to contain and maintain SPARKLING DRINKS!!!

We also stand out from the crowd because our glass can be re-sealed and therefore 100% REUSABLE for we are committed to the fight against single-use plastic!!!


Enjoy the day without destroying tomorrow!

Your spritz…ready in 3 simple steps



the tab 180 °.


Press the valve

and wait for the excess pressure to subside.


Unscrew the cap

and enjoy your spritz!

Research and development

A technology patented over the years

liquid nation glass technology click and twist

Thanks to years of constant commitment to research and development, & the utmost consideration for the environment, we distinguish ourselves for our highly innovative solutions, with the aim of leaving future generations a better world, where plastic is and will continue to be a resource that never ceases to amaze.

Liquid Nation has also entrusted the Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT) of Turin Polytecnic to elaborate on the study of “Strategies for improving the barrier properties of polymers from gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide)”, in order to improve the manufacturing of our products.

Innovative closure comprising an internally threaded screw cap, “Clickandtwist”

Eiminates the pressure inside the glass prior to opening, allowing it to be easily and safely opened.

Any liquid or foam resulting from the internal pressure of the glass remains within it’s screwcap, avoiding spraying nearby objects and/or clothes.

Not just spritz…

Single-dose sparkling drinks...

A made to measure glass for every type of sparkling beverage, that maintains and preserves the quality of it’s confectioned drinks.

Liquid Nation is the first company in the world to offer a AUTHENTIC sparkling spritz, sparkling cocktails, sparkling wines and beer, ready to drink in a single-dose reusable glass.

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